First Post and Introduction

Hello Friends,

Here is the first of many posts to come on this blog. Some readers may know me. But for the general public, I am going to do my best to conceal my identity, while also telling you a bit about myself. I am currently a student-programmer interested in computers and software. More specifically, I am fluent in Pytho, and know a fair bit about:

  • Ubuntu security
  • Cisco switches, routers, and IOS
  • Computer networking
  • Raspberry Pi programming
  • Raw HTTP requests

Since all of these are topics which can be pursued to varying depths of complexity, and there is plenty more out there in the world of computer science to learn, here are some more areas which I would like to cover in my studies, and how each would be useful:


  • Programming in C : writing software for Linux systems, also for Arduino
  • Puppet : a tool for automating many of the sysadmin tasks required for Cyberpatriot
  • Low-level OS : so that I am better equipped to fix systems
  • Django : making web apps
  • Kali Linux : penetration testing is always helpful
  • Many more programming languages – because any programmer has to do this in order to be marketable